Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two New Pitch Opportunities & Updates on #Bakersdozen2012

I found two new pitch opportunities by reading through my Submit that Story Already feed (a copy of the feed is up there under my name). It's true! Not sure what I did to make it work so well, but I'm happy with whatever it was!

 Not that either of these are huge, well one has the potential, but as I said last week things (except Bakers Dozen) are definitely slowing down for November.  Not a bad thing given how many people are doing NaNoWriMo, or at least seem to be doing it from my twitter feed! If you're just jumping in and haven't done a query contest before, Sticking To The Story has a wonderful post on what to expect and how to get ready. Even if you've done them before there's LOTS of helpful information there.

Short list right now. Here are the multi-agented contests:

First our newbie, multi-agent contest. Or at least it looks like it will be at the end. Ink in the Book is holding Operation Agent Ink which combines a workshop to help polish your manuscript followed by an opportunity to pitch your story to agents. DEADLINE TO ENTER IS NOVEMBER 7:
That's right! This workshop will help aspiring authors get on the list of an agent's WISH LIST! When the workshop is over, your manuscript will be ready to view by a group of AMAZING agents who are dying to see what you've written because it's exactly what they wanted to read. In content anyway! The workshop will consist of agent interviews describing in detail what they would like to see.

There will be daily tips, advice, mentoring and even writing exercises for those who may need them. Target dates will be set for those who need the motivation. Schedules will be made to help you get your novel finished and ready for an agent to view. There will be writing assignments to help manage your WIP.
Followed by a chance to pitch, but you have to be in the workshop in order to pitch! AND there's already a list of agent's 'wants' so you can see right now if the manuscript you are working on is a good fit. Yes, that's right, this is IDEAL if you've got a work-in-progress that you want help with finishing up and polishing, and oh, at the end, you'll have agents to pitch it to!
We will have an inside peek at what the agents really want to represent, and then we'll take your manuscript and WIP it into shape for the agents. The workshop is open for sign ups now and will remain open until the 7th of November. The agent pitch is scheduled for February 8th and 9th, just in time for some awesome valentines to land in your email from the perfect agent looking for a manuscript they are crazy in love with:) Only those who sign up for the workshop will be eligible for the Pitch Opportunity. There will be a limited amount of spots available. This will be determined by how many agents sign up.
Would love some feedback from someone who enters to let me know how this works out. Sounds like a great concept!

 On November 6  and November 8, Miss Snark's First Vicitim (MSFV for short) will have the first entry windows for the YA/MG authors who want to try to get in to Baker's Dozen.  Here are the windows for Bakers Dozen entries (be sure to go to the site for all the details!). Plus, with so many possibly not being able to enter due to power, etc, she is definitely toying with having an emergency third window (still no word on this). This is one place there is a cost to enter to offset the expenses of running such a large program.
ADULT ROUND 1: Tuesday, October 30 (100 entries)ADULT ROUND 2: Thursday, November 1 (100 entries)YA/MG ROUND 1: Tuesday, November 6 (150 entries) YA/MG ROUND 2: Thursday, November 8 (150 entries)
AFTER NaNoWriMo, December 4-6, Pitchmas, A Holiday Pitchfest will be happening on Jessa Russo and FeakySnucker's blogs:
This will be a three-day event (you will not have to participate in all three days if you don't want to) where your peers will first help you hone your Twitter/Blog pitches and then you will have the chance to pitch your manuscript to your dream editor or literary agent!!! *All manuscripts must be completed and polished.
I'm keeping an eye on  Cupid's Literary Connection, I'm guessing they'll have a contest announcement before the end of the month.

The other 'new' contest! I found a single agent contest occurring this week, category specific. NA Alley, 'bridging the gap between young adult and adult fiction' is having their Agent in the Alley contest this week.
We'll host another Agent in the Alley on November 7th and agent Julia Weber (website | twitter) has agreed to be our judge!
You'll need to go to the site (true for any contest listed here!!) for full details. 

Later in the month, right before Thanksgiving for those of us in The States,  MuseTracks (link over there on the side) is having their Agent Editor Shop. They'll be holding it on Nov. 18th 2012 and featuring Melissa Jeglinski w/ The Knight Agency.
What’s  ‘Agent/Editor Shop’  you ask? How many of us wish we could pitch to an industry professional? That is, without the frills? No parties, no travel, no conference costs, no hectic schedules? Don’t get me wrong, the conferences, promos, signings and parties have their place and time, but what about in between? Here’s what we’re going to do. This isn’t a contest… there aren’t any winners… just a chance to put your pitch in front of agent/editors(s) who are interested in shopping a bit. They’ll read the pitches and request more - IF – your pitch grabs their attention. What they request is up to them. We do not guarantee anything.
As always, just a little teaser of information, you'll need to follow the link for the full details.

 So, while I realize the feed I set up, Submit that Story Already, does have duplicate posts from day to day, new things are showing up! I set up the 'online paper' to pull contest, agent news and publishing opportunities and it does seem to be working Plus it's easy to check and subscribe.  You'll also find links to several blogs which host pitch and tagline type contests over on the side bar. Wishing every who enters the best of luck, whether entering contests or diving into NaNoWriMo!